Entry #1


2015-12-21 03:51:35 by RansomniacNG

Hey, I'm Ransomniac.

Over the past couple of years I've been teaching myself animation and I'm finally ready to get some things out there. I heard this was the place to go for posting cartoons online, so I'll be putting all my new stuff up here from now on (however frequent/infrequent that may be).
Looking forward to being part of this community.



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2016-01-07 01:08:01

cool make more!

RansomniacNG responds:

Thanks, mate. Already on it!


2016-01-11 01:04:42

Yeah, I was bummed out when I looked at your profile and only saw the one piece. I bet your stuff is amazing, so please post more!

RansomniacNG responds:

Thanks a lot, mate. I appreciate that!
I've already got a few projects in the works and I'm trying to keep all of them nice and short for the sake of actually getting things out there, so hopefully I'll be uploading them here/on YouTube in the not-too-distant future.
I'll also be posting updates and progress shots from upcoming projects on my facebook/twitter/tumblr from time-to-time if you have any of the above and are interested in seeing that sort of thing. All good either way.
Thanks again for the kind words, mate. Much appreciated.
Have a good one!



2016-01-13 18:11:42

I really like your style. It's really television-y and ultra clean. I really can't wait to see more stuff from you!


2016-01-17 08:01:31

Hello. I really love your animation, the smoothness of it and the overall quality. I wanted to ask you, as I saw that you said you were self taught, if you could also provide me with the materials that you used to get better at animating? I have been animating for a couple of years now too but I also think I could do a lot better. So if you could provide me with maybe some online video references (like tutorials) or books that would be awesome. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!


2016-01-28 17:23:07

The quality in the adventures of super baby is so impressive. The humor is also spot on. Can't wait to see more!